12 Year Old Kid Hacks Predator Drone – Lands It On School Football Field


This is the craziest think we have ever seen in the news for years. A 12 Year old New York boy, who cant be named for legal reasons, has hacked into a Predator Drone and landed it in the middle of his school football field. Because, why not?

The boy had recently changed schools and was the victim of bullies who taunted him for being the new kid. It also did not help that he was a few pounds overweight and he was a huge computer geek.

After one particularly mean encounter with the 4 of the school bullies, the boy vowed to take matters into his own hands. This is when he started to take his personal protection to a whole new level.

The boy knew that there was a military base nearby and he already knew a lot about decryption and how to pick up signals from the sky. The boy spent the next two weeks finding a way to hack into a Predator Drone. The boy used what is known as a Yagi antenna to boost the reception strength of his iPhone 6, then he used a packet sniffer to collect a small portion of an encrypted signal he picked up using his modified iPhone. Once he had a sample of the encrypted signal, he rented a cloud super computer from Amazon to process the sample data and use brute force computer power to decrypt the AES in symmetric encryption.

Once he figured out the AES in symmetric encryption key, he could piggyback all the transmitted data from the drone operator in the military base twenty kilometers away. Once he analyzed the raw data, he was able to map the commands to a touchscreen control pad on his iPhone 6. Which basically means he could fly a drone with his freaking phone…

For the next week, the boy went to school and kept quiet about his project, each day he would scan the airwaves to see if a drone was in operation nearby. Once he picked up a signal, he went about his plan, he took control of the drone and sent it in the direction of his school, upon reaching his school, the drone reduced its altitude to 100 feet and began to fly circles around the football field.

There was complete pandemonium in the school, kids run for their lives, screaming and crying. All while the boy sat in the middle of the field as calm as a Hindi Cow. After a three minute airshow, the boy landed the drone on the school field, walked over to the only bully that didn’t run for cover and said “Next time you lay a hand on me, I will fly that fucking drone into your house while you sleep.”

The boy was arrested by local law enforcement and then passed onto the FBI for questioning. He is too young to face criminal charges. However, it is rumored that he is to be one of the youngest ever people to be hired as a consultant for the military, who are very interested to learn in detail how he was able to achieve such a task.