Billionaire Wants 1000 Babies – Paying $10,000 Per Month For Each Mother

Jewish Hotel mogul James Horton wants to have the biggest family in the world. So much so that he has offered to pay $10,000 each month for life to any woman that has a child with him.

Horton has offered to house 1000 women in one of his 5 star hotels for up to 2 years while he conceives a child with any woman he chooses.

One of Horton’s many 5 star hotels

Horton has had over 22,000 entries and has selected around 250 women so far.

Horton has said that he will be selecting women based on their looks from pictures they submit to his website. After the initial selection, the candidates are invited to his mansion in Beverly Hills, where she will then go through an interview process with Horton.

If they pass this test, they go through a medical screening process and tested for any STD’s.

After selection, the lucky lady then moves into his 5 star hotel, where Horton will copulate with all the women until they are pregnant.

The 250 ladies Horton already selected posed for a photo shoot yesterday

The 250 ladies Horton already selected posed for a photo shoot yesterday

Horton wants women of all races and nationalities to contact him.

Horton says that he wants to wait until the children are all 10, then he wants to choose the 100 smartest, best looking and athletic and then coach them all to be business leaders, movie stars and sports celebrities.

Then he says “He will be the head of the most powerful family in the world”

A lot of people are questioning his actions. What do you think about it?

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