Husband Complains About Wife’s Cooking – Wife Beats Him To Death With Frying Pan

Irene Wlaszyn

This is something pretty much every wife can relate to.

David Cafferty and his wife Lisa had been married for 28 years. Having 4 children together and 5 grandchildren. Its safe to say that they had been through pretty much every problem you would expect from life partners of that length of time.

It was late on Tuesday evening when David returned home from a long days work. He settled down in front of the TV and began flicking through the channels. About 30 minutes later, Lisa brought in his evening meal.

Earlier in the day, Lisa had found a recipe online for a beef dinner smoothie, she though it would be a welcome change and a great way to sneak in some extra nutrition into David’s diet.

According the the police report, Lisa handed David the smoothie, at which point he looked at her with seething red eyes and asked her “What the fuck is this shit? It smells like big foot’s dick” and then David threw the smoothie across the room.

The report goes on to say that Lisa then went into the kitchen, picked up the frying pan, she then made her way into the living room and proceeded to smash David’s head in with the pan.

The coroners report says that David was struck no less than 50 times, but it was impossible to tell for sure, as the victims head was basically a pile of mush.

Lisa said “I just totally lost it, I started hitting him with the pan and I just couldn’t stop”

The trial date has been set for 15th September.