Florida Man Stays in Missile Bunker For 63 Years – Friend Pranks Him For The Whole Time


A 63 year long revenge prank ended when the pranker died and the prankee finally decided to come outside.

Back in 1962, John Cafferty built himself a huge underground bunker on his property in south Florida. The reason he built this? Russians… Back in 1962, America was on high alert with Cuba and Russia joining forces and the USA was about 2 steps away from a nuclear war with the Soviets.

Earlier that year, John had begun construction on a hidden missile bunker in the woodland area at the back of his property. The bunker was 18,000 square meters and fully kitted out with enough food and water to last 100 years. Two years before this, John had lost his wife in a tragic car accident and she died at the young age of 21. This turned John into a recluse and he spent the next two years alone in his house.

John came from a rich family and was the last living person to carry his name. This whole situation turned John into quite a radical thinker and this is what set him on his path to prepare for doomsday.

On October 16th 1962, John heard the news of the crisis evolving in Cuba and headed straight to his bunker. He spent the next ten days in radio communication with his friend Jake Fraser.

Oh yeah, we need to tell you about Jake. Jake had been friends with John since high school, but he came from a considerably less well off background. John had also paid for Jake and his wife to build a smaller bunker in their own back garden. What Jake didnt find out until after the missile crisis started was that John had been having an affair with Jakes wife.

When Jake found out about this, he decided to get some payback.

Ten days into the Cuban missile crisis, Jake radioed John to say that his wife went above ground to get some more supplies and she never returned. He then told John that Soviet troops had gone through the town and murdered everyone. Jake then told John that he should not come out of his bunker for any reason and that he would stay in regular contact.

For 63 years, Jake spoke to John every day via radio and kept up the charade that Soviets had taken control of America and proceeded to exterminate the entire American population.

Jakes justification for this mental torture was the fact that John had broken the bonds of their friendship by sleeping with his wife.

The 63 year long ordeal ended when Jake died of natural causes at the ripe old age of 87. His body was discovered 8 days later when neighbors complained about the smell. When paramedics entered the building, they heard Johns voice on the radio, thats when the whole story started to unfold.