This is why your dog stares at you when he poos. Who would have thought?!

Every dog owner knows this situation only too well: you’re out and about for a nice stroll when your dog starts nervously shuffling around, turns a few circles and crooks his back, before doing his business. But rather than concentrating on certain pressures, he shares incessantly deep in your eyes. If you’ve also wonder why he does this, then you’re about to receive a few answers.


In 2009, scientists conducted a study into the eye contact between a dog and a human. Thereby, they were able to find out that the mutual gaze produces a similar physiological reaction to a mother and her children. On the other hand it means that your dog sees you as a parent-figure and you, although often unconsciously, see your dog as one of your own.


But there are more possible causes. Most dogs were rewarded as puppies when they had completed their business outside. As soon as they learnt this, the rewards stopped, but in the hope of more treats, your dog still looks at you with those enormous eyes while he poops.


It could also be that he’s looking for confirmation. “May I leave a pile here”, he tries to ask with an ernest face. There was of course that one time when he went where he shouldn’t have, and now he’s scared that he’ll go in the wrong spot again.


Another cause is the dog’s instinct to look around, because when he squats he makes himself vulnerable. Fearing an attack from behind, he watches you to be sure that you’ve got his back and can save him in an emergency.


Maybe you’re the one staring and your dog is responding – your furry friend would actually like a little privacy. This could also be the reason why the dog always wants to follow us into the bathroom. They’re avenging their lack of personal space. Who really wants to be observed when nature calls?!


But all jokes aside, regardless which of these possible causes applies to your dog, one thing is certain: your dog trusts you and shows you that you are the ‘alpha male’. For this trust alone, your dog should be rewarded every time with a huge treat. Share these interesting findings with all the other dog lovers.