Huge Shark Tank Breaks Inside Chinese Mall


A 33 ton shark tank with a 15 centimeters (5.9-inch) thick acrylic glass broke inside Shanghai Orient Shopping Center in China. 15 people were injured in this tragic accident.

The tank held over 1 million liters of water, which subsequently flooded the basement level with water up to 6 feet deep in places.

The shopping center had large emergency water pumps in the basement that kicked in as soon as the accident happened, sadly as the water was pumped out, some of the tanks residents got stranded and died.

The tank was home to a pair of Tiger sharks, three Mako sharks and one Bull shark. The Bull shark sadly got wedged inbetween some concrete posts and died. The three Mako sharks also shared similar fates, getting stuck on or behind objects and drowning as the water level receded. The two Tiger sharks managed to find their way into a deep pool of water as the water level started to drop down.

Pumping the remaining water out of the basement has been paused for 8 hours as teams on the ground wait for holding tanks to arrive. The two remaining Tiger sharks will be moved to a temporary location later today and workers can continue to pump out the water and begin to repair the damage.